Many changes

As you might have noticed, I didn’t contribute much to GNOME lately. More than a simple lack of time, I’m going through a lot of changes in my life. I spent the last two months with little access to my home computer, and having my more-than-year-old tendinitis treated. Anyway, I expect to fix this in the next two weeks. Next week I’ll be nominated family and community physician (similar to the general practitioner in UK) in Linhares city (Brazil), and I should have a home before the end of the month. I’m changing my computer, two: I bought a 32-bits Sempron four years ago, and its mission was to last two years, but only a few weeks ago I found an excuse to throw it away and by a Core 2 Duo with an Intel G45 chipset-based motherboard. (I only regret I won’t have native support for virtualization…)

In May I’ll increase my participation in the great Brazilian GNOME translation team, I’ll update the Brazilian Portuguese vocabulary for Aspell and Vim, and I’ll start contributing to an offline ICD-10 lookup application. (I’m not a developer, but I learned a little pygtk.) Outside the free software helm, I’ll be working harder on my master dissertation, comparing Family Health Strategy to legacy Primary Care in Brazil with regard to hospitalizations by Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions (the better the ambulatory care, the fewer the hospitalizations). If I have the opportunity, I hope I can help improving the health politics in Linhares city (even if my job should be restricted to clinical practice) and start writing a blog about health (in Portuguese).

2 respostas em “Many changes

  1. Why do you say what you say? I thought the Core 2 Duo supported the whatever-its-called-Intel-virtualisation-thingy. Mine does—although if I enable it in my laptop’s BIOS, VirtualBox OSE says it doesn’t support hardware virtualization and refuses to run (oh the irony!).

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