Hackergotchi de Leonardo FontenelleThis is a blog about free software localization (l10n).

I’m part of GNOME‘s Brazilian translation team, and decided to put this site online to propitiate more interaction between Brazilian free software l10n teams. If you’re involved in localization, I hope this blog interests you! Sugestions and criticisms are welcome.

I also maintain the Brazilian Portuguese “dictionaries” for Aspell and (soon) Vim 7, based on the spell checking project from BrOffice.org, the Brazilian community for OpenOffice.org development. Check this site for announcements!

Naturally, there are always some random topics! 😉

Who I am

My name is Leonardo Ferreira Fontenelle. I’m a family physician (general practicioner) but I also enjoy computers and got into the free sofware movement. Translating software is my way to contribute back to the comunity — and enhance the programs I use myself!

Who I’m not

Leonardo Franklin da Costa Fontenelle has similar name, profession and email address. Who’d guess?

More information

You can learn more about me and my activities on:

If you are more interested in my medical activities, check my academic curriculum at the Lattes plataform.