Gettext gets 0.18

I can hardly believe it’s been 2 and a half years since Gettext 0.17 was released. Maybe time seemed to pass faster because I practically stopped translating GNOME. Anyway, I’d like to share the news with you guys.

The new Language field in the message header is very welcome. Poedit has been doing this for ages, but now it’s official and other localization tools can start using it for spell checking and so on.

I’m not so sure about the utility of the range flag. It’s always good to help translators know what they are translating, but such addition would be much more important for strings (i.e. %s will be replaced by an error message). Anyway, it depends too much on programmers improving old code, so it should appear very slowly.

And of course, I really liked the command line utilities improvement. The colored output is much easier to read, and the msgmerge speedup is just what I needed circa 4 years ago when I had an old budget computer and had to merge partial translations to the GNOME User Guide. It took me something like eight minutes for every merge!

Meanwhile, I continue to wait for some features to be added to intltool:

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  2. Actually, I think Virtaal is the only localisation tool that has been using the ‘Language’ header since it was proposed for Gettext (Virtaal is also able to read he Poedit headers). Poedit uses its own language headers, namely the X-Poedit language headers, which where a great step forward but having the upstream format support this is the correct approach. Our frustration with Gettext 0.18 not being released was the reason why we built the language guessing functionality into Virtaal, with that in place we guess target languages correctly with high accuracy.

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