GNOME 2.30 is already on Arch Linux

I just did my almost daily update, and Arch Linux happily installed GNOME 2.30 on my netbook (tomorrow: desktop), less than 30 hours after the upstream release. I don’t have words to say how amazed I am!

One thing I don’t like Linux distributions is the delay they introduce between the upstream release and the deployment to the end-user. (Not that I have much choice, since I don’t like Windows either.) The main reason I use Arch Linux is to use up-to-date software as much as possible. Traditionally I had to wait a few weeks from the upstream release to get the latest GNOME 2.xx.0 version on my computer(s), but this time Arch Linux really exceeded my expectations.

I don’t recommend Arch Linux for anyone. If you are a typical Arch user, you will find out by yourself if this is the right distro to you. But I can’t help saying I am a happy user most of the time.


7 respostas em “GNOME 2.30 is already on Arch Linux

  1. Give it a break commenters, I think what he meant was that he had a working stable system in which he had a stable Gnome release.
    I don’t know Rawhide nor Factory but it is my idea it works as Ubuntu development branch. Which means, if my analogy is correct, that it is very likely there are broken packages. Which a person won’t want to use just to use a Gnome 2.30 _stable_ release.

  2. I like the fact that most bugs are filed upstream. Granted they do fix alot of bugs themselves to make the packages stable enough. They seem to keep the bug fixing simple . I’ve been using Arch for about a year now since I dumped Ubuntu. That distro is to hacked upon for my taste. I love Arch and i rarely have instability with it.

  3. I use gentoo, 2.30 is not in portage tree but I use it from the same day I saw news about release. I emerged it from official gnome overlay, although it is a little harder for devs to provide working ebuilds for all arches (everything must be compileable) I am glad I have the choice. Arch is also good but as I saw, quality of theirs builds is sometimes a little questionable. Other binary distros do their releases on 6months or so, they don’t have to hurry and can take the time 😉

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