The omnibook driver needs your love

The new Toshiba netbooks are really good, with a great finish and up to 9 hours of battery life. But there is an issue for Linux users: the BIOS driver is not maintained anymore. The NB205 series have Phoenix BIOS, not Toshiba ones, so the driver is Omnibook, which is abandonned since 2007.

I can’t help much, because my programming skills barely let me write a PyGTK application. But if anyone is willing to dive in, I would be happy to run any kind of tests.


2 respostas em “The omnibook driver needs your love

  1. Can you share your general experience with this thing? Stumbled upon your post because I might want to get one of these as well, but bad/no linux support would be a deal breaker..

  2. Some Fn keys are not working, including the wifi key, so that you need to make sure wifi is on with Windows, and only then install Linux. I couldn’t get the module to detect automatically the BIOS type, so i only get bluetooth if I remove the module and reinsert it with “ectype=12”. No luck with modules.conf until now, but probably it’s just me. Haven’t tried hibernating yet.

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