Updated WordPress blog theme: Aqueous Lite

Aqueous Lite is this blog’s theme since the beginning. I loved the fluid width, the right sidebar and the customizability. In fact, liked the default settings, but after turning a few effects off and picking another color scheme, I really felt in love with it. So much I started adding support for translation, as well as support for Gengo and other plugins. Unfortunately, the theme creator didn’t have the time to merge back my improvements, and eventually he handed over mantainership to me. That was a long time ago, but only recently I got the time to make it good enough for public release.

The were a lot of WordPress versions since I starting maintaining Aqueous Lite. Widgets are commonplace now, so I removed support for a number of plugins in the sidebar. People who don’t care about editing the sidebar PHP code can have so much flexibility widgets, it doesn’t make sense to prepare the sidebar to a few plugins. On the other hand, I kept Gengo because I use it, and it can’t substitute the theme text by itself. Gengo is a nice multilingual blog plugin I use; you can read more in its page at WordPress.org.

Besides being updated to benefit from the new features in WordPress, Aqueous Lite received support for theme translations and for multilanguage blogging, and became easier to navigate for blind people. But I guess only a few people remember the last published version, so I’ll compare this one with WordPress’ default theme:

  • Accessibility: “Skip to main content” link is displayed in text-mode browsers before the rest of the sidebar; empty ALT attributes when images are not essential; passes WCAG 1.0 level A.
  • Customization: the stylish header and the sidebar can be further modified to give your blog a unique look;
  • And the stylish header, of course!

There are a few missing features as well, but most of them are common to a lot of popular WordPress themes, and only show up in specific cases:

  • Pages (in opposition to posts) don’t support comments;
  • Post author name is not shown;
  • Embedded video doesn’t work out-of-the box;
  • The index doesn’t display the tags for each post;
  • Bad gallery layout;
  • No way to prevent category name clashes in the index and archive pages;
  • Articles with empty name get no permalink.

I would probably be able to fix much of the above issues, but to be honest I’d like someone else to keep improving the theme. So, that’s it, Aqueous Lite is up for adoption. If you feel like maintaining it, please get in touch (you can use the contact page). I am temporarily keeping the zip file here so that it will be easier for the next maintainer to upload it to the WordPress themes page.

3 respostas em “Updated WordPress blog theme: Aqueous Lite

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  3. Hey, good to see you’re doing good work with my theme! Just thought I’d drop in and say hi, was actually looking for a new WordPress theme (I want to get my blog back, but don’t have time to code a new blog system or even a WordPress theme), and thought about back in the day when I made this one.

    Again, good work!

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