Automatic comments in Intltool

Intltool, the Internationalization Tool Collection, is responsible for extracting translatable messages from data files such as .desktop files and GtkBuilder XML files, and merging this messages in the message catalog (.po file). Today I was going to fill a long wanted enhancement request, just to find out Luca Ferretti just did it: provide automatic comments explaining what are the messages being translated. In example, the comment would tell the translator that a message is an application description, or a menu item tooltip. I really hope this feature is accepted and implemented!

4 respostas em “Automatic comments in Intltool

  1. I’ll support any way in which we can give translators more and better context. The suggested format I think is a little bit verbose but wow I’d love to see that in intltool.

    Now if we can only convince intltool authors of some other issues related to giving valuable info to translators:

    1. Sorting the PO files is just BAD as translators lose all context (Bug 566044). Imagine the example given by Luca in the bug where those two strings are 1000 lines apart because of sorting! In Fedora’s package description file there is an example where they are that far apart. I think its a miracle if those get translated correctly and with reference to each other.

    2. Give previous msgid. Gettext has it but intltool doesn’t use it (Bug 565054)

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