On emails with HTML

Stormy, I just realized you’re actually writing emails with formatted text 😮

Personally, I prefer plain text, and I’m very happy that free software mailing lists (in opposition to non-IT mailing lists) have mostly plain text emails. But I really liked the way you use mostly simple text, and here and there you put emphasis (pun intended) on a word, provide a link, or make a list. Now I realize a few more people do write like you.

I’m still going to write emails in plain text, but I might consider HTML for emails with links and such 🙂

5 respostas em “On emails with HTML

  1. Though I prefer plaintext, there’s really nothing wrong with using basic HTML for links and simple formatting. Even *gasp* embedding a small (preferably non-animated) image is fine in my book. There really aren’t any popular modern mail clients that don’t support this stuff, so HTML isn’t as big a deal as it’s been in the past. But with great power comes great responsibility…

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  3. I would stick instead with plain text, mainly because the email reader is not a browser, so it’s not comfortable enough to me to “navigate” html pages, plus i hate images in emails, even the smaller emoticons

    Also, assuming some could use html properly, only for simple formatting, others can abuse of it … and there is no reason why i should give others the opportunity of chose how the email should appear in my email reader

    btw, regarding links and simple formatting, many readers can display from plain text emails the url(s) as a link(s) and a *starred* text in bold

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