Dear wine packagers

Recently I found out some Windows applications require the MS core fonts to work properly under Wine. Not every GNU/Linux or *BSD user will install those fonts spontaneously, so please make sure the Wine package depends on the fonts packages until this bug report is fixed. Thanks!

Users: I already emailed all packagers listed in Wine’s download page. If your distribution is not listed there, please consider filling an enhancement request on your distribution bug tracker.

8 respostas em “Dear wine packagers

  1. Isn’t this a bit simplistic? Which distributions actively distribute these fonts? Isn’t distribution of these fonts legally questionable?

    Legally linux distributions can’t repackage these fonts they can only be redistributed in the original form. There’s also a problematic no commercial use clause. To get around this, you have to play games like downloading the originals at software package install time when an end-user requests it. These sort of games make this an impossible hard requirement for other packages like wine to rely on. That’s exactly why these fonts live in Ubuntu multiverse and Debian contrib.

    Are the liberation fonts not a reasonable replacement for Wine’s needs?

    “NOTE: the package ttf-liberation contains free variants of the Times, Arial and Courier fonts. It’s better to use those instead unless you specifically need one of the other fonts from this package.”


    • Jef, I know there’s a controversy about the legal status of these fonts, but I trust packagers to know that better than me. I understand that, if it’s OK to redistribute the fonts, or to redistribute a downloader, then there’s no problem in considering them a dependency (even if only recommended, in the Debian terminology).

      The Liberation fonts are a good option, but can only be used as a fallback if the application tries to do so. Today, if a user installs the Liberation fonts, that won’t stop Adobe Photoshop CS2, Safari 4 or Dicionário Eletrônico Houaiss da Língua Portuguesa from crashing or misbehaving. I asked Wine developers to create a workaround if the application needs MS core fonts and the user didn’t install them, but in the mean time the old MS fonts are necessary.

  2. Actually.. no..according to Debian policy..this can’t even be a “Recommended” link to wine. It would at best be a “Suggested”
    2.2.1 The main archive area
    must not require a package outside of main for compilation or execution (thus, the package must not declare a “Depends”, “Recommends”, or “Build-Depends” relationship on a non-main package),

    I would imagine Ubuntu has a similar policy with regard to multiverse.

    Does “Suggest” level linkage meet your requirements in terms of exposure to users to prevent them running into this issue?


  3. ‘Suggest’ is not a best way, because IIRC synaptic doesn’t tells anything about suggested packages, only recommended. So, because it doesn’t appears, ‘Suggested’ is acceptable (from user side) ONLY if wine package displays a message somehow, what warns user to install corefonts package to avoid apps crash.

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  5. People run to Linux to get rid of the “windows/warez” thing. Now you want distributions to illegally package Microsoft software?
    There is no controversy over the legality of these fonts. It’s clear. Illegal IS illegal. Get that into your heads people.
    If you need windows fonts, leave Linux and go use Windows please. Last thing we need is Linux users/developers illegally using Microsoft software.

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