How do I keep multiple contact lists synced?

I always wanted to have one true contact list, and share it between my desktop and a mobile device. Paper phone books are much easier to enter and retrive contacts, to be honest, but they are not backup- or sync-friendly, and after months they get a mess and need to be started over. On the other hand, I was never really able to really sync my Evolution contact list with a PDA, a cell phone or even my N800. There’s always an issue: poor syncronization software, mobile device can’t handle many contacts, different applications use different parts of the vCard specification and so on.

So, I guess this is sort of a Dear Lazy Web post. I’d like to know your successful stories: which devices and software did you use to keep the same contact list in the desktop computer and in the mobile device (PDA/cell phone etc.)?


14 respostas em “How do I keep multiple contact lists synced?

  1. My way? HTC Magic (Android powered!) get the contact list from gmail and also let me “import” o gmail the old contacts in my SIM so finally after a few merges, I have only one pretty contact list (also ported to evolution).

  2. If you use gmail, you can easily sync your contacts with evolution (it’s a matter of few clicks) and your mobile phone (
    In the field of “web based solutions” you may also look into, which syncs your phone with multiple contact sources. It can also sync the contacts photos with gmail or facebook, which is kind of cool.
    If you’re one of those who hate “the cloud”, I’d suggest you to script a few lines with wammu backup – wammu restore. I have done it, but I’m not on my pc at the moment.
    Good syncing!

  3. I use thunderbird to sync with google (google-contacts plugin).

    If anyone finds a way to sync google contacts on an N810 (maemo), I would LOVE to hear it!

  4. The most promising is syncevolution?
    Works for a 4-5 year old series40 nokia (!), but syncs via an online webservice (Funambol). Far from perfect or easy to set up. (I just discovered it last month though).

    But sync projects come and go, opensync has promised version 0.3 for years (and 0.2 never worked for me).
    Then there is the odd gnome project in python with no obivous purpos, it’s almost like a drawing application……

    For devicedevice sync, no luck on linux for me….:)
    Sadly iSync has always worked since day one, it even recognizes my phone model

  5. I second the vote for SyncEvolution. It’s had a lot of development in recent months and will sync your contacts to a SyncML server on the web from any Linux box running Evolution (thats your GNOME desktop and your N800). Then you use your phones SyncML support to sync with the same server, and it just works. The server will handle the fact that your phone is relatively crippled and Do The Right Thing.

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  9. Gmail:

    SyncML for my telephone phone book, Android for my second telephone phone book, and funambol to meep everything synced with Thunderbird.


  10. The pythonic drawing application would be Conduit, which supports SyncML in Git head – i actually got a random email from some body who’d found it and started using it to sync their Nokia E51 the other day – woo.

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