Longstanding bug report in Evolution

Two and a half years ago I filled a bug report for Ximian Evolution, using Ximian’s bug tracker. Ximian was bought by Novell (which later bought SUSE as well), Ximian’s bug tracker data was imported into GNOME’s bug tracker, GNOME releases passed, and the bug was still there. This is a critical bug report, where the entire content of the ~/.evolution/ folder is erased!

Today I was going to remind Evolution developers how bad the bug was; but then I thought I should try to reproduce it before saying it was still valid. To my great surprise, the bug could not be reproduced anymore! Someone must have fixed this bug in the setup assistant even if (s)he didn’t know about the bug report, which was left as “open”.


  1. Evolution developers are working harder than I thought.
  2. The GNOME BugSquad needs help with Evolution: there are 2849 unconfirmed bug reports, out of and 3331 open bug reports for Evolution.
  3. The imported bug reports may need to have their named reviewed. I just realized my bug report summary became just Evolution: Old ~/.evolution directo…

Update: See Andre Klapper’s clarification below.

6 respostas em “Longstanding bug report in Evolution

  1. Don’t compare apples with oranges. 🙂
    There are 2849 unconfirmed bug and enhancement reports, but the 3331 open bug reports do not include enhancements. And it’s nothing new that large open source projects always miss manpower and things get a pity untidy in bug trackers…

  2. > I can’t imagine why the “Evolution: ” preffix was added or why the end of the summary was cropped, then.

    Because you submitted the report through Bug-Buddy. The cropping and prefix have nothing to do with Ximian Bugzilla or the import.
    Anyway, not really important, I was just in a nitpicking mood. 😉

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