Fixing original messages

I’m confident the Brazilian GNOME translation team is going to deliver a high quality and comprehensive translation of GNOME 2.26. For this release, we gathered a larger number of active and experienced translators, and we started working early. But I don’t like keeping things easy, so I decided to follow Andre Kappler’s advice and started filling bug reports about wrong or confuse original messages. We (the pt_BR l10n team) are already used to doing that, but having started early the translation efforts means we have the time to get the original messages fixed before the string freeze, and before they get (mis)translated. Weeks (days?) before GNOME 2.24.0 was released, I found a couple of ambiguous messages, and asked the developer to fix them, but it was already too late (the issue was fixed only for GNOME 2.26). I hope to avoid situations like that this time! If you are interested, take a look at this bug report from Andre Kappler to see how it’s done.

Uma resposta em “Fixing original messages

  1. I find it so liberating that I can just report a bug to get the source texts improved. I recently started translating Evolution, and simply made notes of things that bothered me while translating. The end result was this bug:

    It might not get attention immediately, but at least I’m happy to know I’m helping to make the work easier, and hopefully also removing a few unnecessary messages. There is already so much to translate!

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