Student punished for distributing Linux

According to Ken Starks, from HeliOS Solutions, an upset teacher emailed him after confiscating the CDs from a student. Among other gems, she said no software was free, and that disadvantaged people would be better served with older versions of Windows than with GNU/Linux. When I read about this story, I followed the link and was delighted to read the reply. If you enjoy long posts, read this follow-up, when Ken Starks comments on the previous post and reports a phone conversation with the teacher.


7 respostas em “Student punished for distributing Linux

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  2. Nice trolling.

    The original author (helios.. w/e) was obviously trying to bait the typical OSS public into flaming the poor teacher.

    kids “learning” more from linux? Yeah.. maybe if they wanted to grow up to be sys admins.

    Gimme a break.. being open source has nothing to do with “learning”-friendly. Forget kids , only a handful of adults can even understand the kernel code and out of those only a handful can make changes that are actually _useful_

    The OS is irrelevant for learning…

  3. I don’t use FOSS to learn kernel code or whatever. I use it because I like it, and because it makes what I want it to do. If it doesn’t, it’s much easier to ask for an enhancement than with proprietary software; there will many people out there willing to fix the issue. And being free of cost means I don’t have to use illegal copies.

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  5. At least you were responsible enough to put in the According to Ken Starks instead of just reporting it as fact.

    Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for other tech news sources, even the legitimate-looking ones.

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