The great GNOME translators

I’ve always been proud of my translation team’s work, but I can’t help quoting Richard Hughes about the GNOME translators:

I’ve worked for companies who pay translators vast amounts of money, but they just don’t care about the product, and hence the translations reflect that. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: you guys rock.

That reminds me of Stormy Peters’ article on social norms against market norms, about an experiment where volunteers outperformed paid subjects.

All I can say is that GNOME is a great project to translate. The string freezes, the developer l10n guidelines and so on make our lives considerably easier, and help us deliver better translations. And of course I’m flattered to hear those words from someone developing such great software like the GNOME Power Manager, HAL and PackageKit. Thank you, Richard!

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