msgctxt for GNOME 2.26?

December 2007 I wrote about GNOME adopting gettext’s msgctxt feature (and so did Andre Klapper). 8 months latter, this still is considered a proposed GNOME Goal. I really hope we can get this official, and as a translator I would certainly enjoy translating (and reviewing) message catalogs without that awful pipe.

By the way, if GNOME 2.30 = GNOME 3.0, then GNOME 2.26 = GNOME (3.0 - 0.4)? 😀

4 respostas em “msgctxt for GNOME 2.26?

  1. For GTK+, I’d be happy to accept a patch that moves from Q_() to C_() for the next release.
    You should probably bring this up in gnome-i18n and push it early in the 2.25 cycle, so that translators have some time to cope with msgctxt appearaing in po files…

  2. @Leonardo:
    Nobody is taking car of the GNOME Goals nowadays. I tried to get at it, but basically failed, because I couldn’t understand all the issues on a problem, and people that had the best knowledge on this couldn’t reach a consensus. So if you want it to go on, just ask on your blog for comments on the Gnome Goals page, and ask for it on the desktop-devel mailing list. Write nice guidelines, accessible to people that have little knowledge in this domain, and once it’s done, just convert it to an official GNOME Goal if a consensus was reached. Then blob, blob, blog, motivate people, and it will be done. Really. That’s the way Vincent did it, and it worked.

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