Interview with Ignacio Casal Quinteiro

Ignacio Casal Quinteiro (Nacho) is a core Gtranslator developer and coordinates the Galician GNOME translation team. At first I didn’t know he was from Galicia; then, one day he found me via Jabber and started talking with me in a language I couldn’t recognize either as Portuguese, either as Spanish 🙂 If you are care about free software translation, or the Portuguese language and its orthographic agreement, don’t miss our interview!

Could you please talk a little about you?

My name is Ignacio Casal Quinteiro, I am 21 and I am studying Computer Engineering. I’ve been using free software for a long time and translating software to Galician language for 4 years more or less. When I started to translate Gnome to Galician language it was the translation at 10%, but now it is under 96%. This was a sacrifice by my own to get it, but thanks to that now we have in Galiza a free desktop in Galician. Last year I’ve started to learn a bit about Gtk+ and as we did’t have a really good translating program I decided to hack a bit in Gtranslator. The old Gtranslator doesn’t have object orientation so there was a moment that I couldn’t modify it more and I started a new branch to rewrite it from zero. Currently I continue working in Gtranslator and making some patches for other programs like Anjuta or Gedit. This summer I started working in Igalia as an intern and I am going to be focused in Gtranslator.

Last April you left Gtranslator development. What are your plans concerning free software?

I hope to don’t have more problems with the Gtranslator people anymore and I hope too that we will have the 2.0 release of Gtranslator at the end of this summer.

What is the Galician GNOME translation team work like?

When I have some time I translate something and when there is a volunteer, I try to help him/her. I think the main problem that nowadays translation teams are having is Ubuntu, it puts the level of our translation worse that it is, but there were some discussions about it and it doesn’t appear to be solved.

Brazil, São Tomé e Príncipe, Cape Verde and Portugual decided to adopt the Portuguese Language Orthographic Agreement. What are people saying about it in Galiza?

I was investigating a bit about it, and I think it is not going to make any repercussion in Galiza. There are some people that maybe want that for Galiza but seeing the things right now in Galiza I don’t think that this is going to make any repercussion. I hope you can get that agreement because I think it is something really good for your language.

Thank you!

Thanks for the interview and “saudiños”.

The Portuguese version of this interview features Ignacio writing in Galician. It’s obviously different from the Portuguese language, but allows almost complete comprehension for Brazilian people.

Navigating through the Galician GNOME l10n team page, I found out Project Trasno hosts many Galician free software translation teams (GNOME included), and there is an ongoing effort to coordinate efforts of voluntary, commercial and governmental translators in Galicia. Way to go!

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