Anyone syncing Nokia 2xxx with GNU/Linux?

I’m looking for a new cell phone, which ought to be usable, syncable with Linux, and cheap. AFAIK, Nokia phones are the most usable among the cheap cell phones, so that’s where I focused my queries. The Nokia 2630, 2660 and 2760 models seem very nice, but they are not officially supported by gnokii or openobex. I found a video of Nokia 2660 being accessed via bluetooth (see also part 2), but I need to know if the phonebook can be synced. Did you ever sync any Nokia 2xxx phonebook using with free software?

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  1. Speaking for gnokii, there’s no such thing as “oficially supported phones by gnokii”. gnokii FAQ says:
    You can assume that your phone is supported, however there are rare cases that you will get very limited functionality with gnokii.
    Nokia 2660 (other probably too) is series40 3rd ed phone, so that should work just fine with gnokii.

    For synchronization functionalities you should refer to opensync project. You will be able to use both: gnokii plugin and syncml plugin as this phone (or series40 3rd edition in general) are SyncML capable.

  2. Oh well. My quick googling indicated that it’s 3rd edition. If it’s 5th, then I don’t really know. I don’t think we have report from anyone using 5th edition yet (neither working nor non-working).

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