Back from fisl 9.0

It was about time to tell how it was for me to participate in the fisl 9.0! As I said before, I made a presentation about the work of the Brazilian GNOME translation team, while Fernando Boaglio did the same for KDE. My presentation is available in SlideShare (in Portuguese).

One or two weeks before the event, I came to the conclusion I should have joined GNOME Foundation a long time ago. As a result, since FISL you can reach me through leonardof at gnome dot org 😉

Naturally, making the presentation was not my only objective for FISL. I was able to meet a translators from different free software project, and we agreed on taking on an old idea. We will have a central website for all the FOSS translation in Brazil, similar to Larger projects will continue to use its own infrastructure, and the new website will simply link them. For smaller projects, the website itself should eventually provide the translation infrastructure. We already have a mailing list, despite some administrative restrictions.

I was also able to meet a lot of people from the GNOME Brazil community. It was great to meet in person people I knew only through text! Our meeting included even a barbecue after FISL, and a walk in a craft fair in Porto Alegre. I forgot some stuff of mine at Porto Alegre; folklore says it’s a sign that I didn’t want to leave!

Last, but not least, at I was finally got a GNOME t-shirt for me!

(I still didn’t upload my photos, but you can check photos from Hugo Doria, Jonh Wendell and Fernando Boaglio.)

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