Updated Brazilian Portuguese dictionary for Vim and Aspell

Last weekend I updated the Brazilian Portuguese dictionary for GNU Aspell, and the Portuguese (European and Brazilian) dictionary for Vim. This version features a much improved accuracy while spell checking words with enclisis an mesoclisis.

The European part of the Vim dictionary is derived from Natura Project; the Brazilian part is derived from Vero, the spell checking project of the Brazilian OpenOffice.org development community. OpenOffice.org doesn’t understand hyphens as part of the word in the Brazilian Portuguese dictionary, hence some “half-word” entries were added as a workaround. But Vero maintainer Raimundo Santos Moura provided an “ideal” version for Aspell and Vim, without that hack, further enhancing the spell checking quality. The project site (in Portuguese) has more information on the different versions of the Vero dictionary.

From now on, the Portuguese dictionary for Vim should be updated more readily, because of an improvement in the maintenance process. Instead of using a shell script (as I do for Aspell), I started using an AAP script and two diff files, like the ones available in Vim’s FTP site. This means Vim maintainer Bram Molenaar won’t have to convert my script to that files, simplifying the process. (See also: Syntax highlighting and spell checker for Gettext in Vim.)

The Brazilian Portuguese dictionary for Aspell now includes a br-abnt2.kbd, which should help the spell checker to fix typos. The file represents the ABNT2 keyboard layout, which is very similar to a standard qwerty with a “ç” next to the “l”. The dictionary documentation was cut down, because now the package ships with the very script I use to create it from an OpenOffice.org dictionary.

Enchant users won’t be able to take full profit from this Aspell dictionary, because Enchant can’t handle hyphens as part of the word. Alternatively, they should use OpenOffice.org dictionary with Enchant; I have a tutorial for that (in Portuguese). Just for the record, Enchant is the preferred spell checking library for GTK+ applications, and Sonnet (from KDE 4) should use it as a backend too.

(While Aspell maintainer Kevin Atkinson don’t upload it to the GNU FTP site, I’ll keep the aspell6-pt_BR tarball (844KB) online.)

Update: the package is now available online. From now on, I’ll be able to upload it to the GNU project FTP server through a CGI script controled by Kevin Atkinson.

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