Translation: Road to GNOME 2.22!

The GNOME 2.22 translation starts in two days! The Brazilian GNOME translation team is in a great phase, keeping GNOME’s interface completely translated and increasing the documentation translation. Furthermore, we are always enhancing old translations and improving our translation process. Know who’s who in this team which in the next months is going give GNOME 2.22 a translation as good as the amazing novelties in the RoadMap.

I already highlighted the GNOME 2.18 translators and some others; since then, the Brazilian GNOME translation team got many new members! Tiago Casal, in example, did a lot of improvements in Orca‘s translation and helped updating it. Daniel de Abreu helped translating Banshee, Airton Arantes translated Anjuta, and Djavan Fagundes translated several applications (Orca included). Other translators started by working on documentation: Wagner Luis (Gedit‘s manual), Alan Dantas (Sound Juicer‘s), Hugo Doria (Evince‘s, Net Tools‘) and Luciana Menezes (GNOME Terminal’s, and the GNOME panel clock’s manual). As a result, we have increasingly translated documentation in GNOME. The team freshman is Rodrigo Flores, who started by fixing many translations – wait for the next releases, and you’ll see!

Vladimir Melo and Og Maciel translated together most of GNOME 2.20! I wasn’t able to help much in this release, but fortunately my relative absence was compensated by the hard work of Jonh Wendell and Raphael Higino, who committed to the repository most of the translations. Other translaters also kept working on GNOME: Igor Soares (Gthumb, Beagle and Glade 3), Washington Lins (Evolution and related libraries, and now Accerciser), Luiz Armesto (many, e.g. Network Manager and Tracker), Andre Noel, João Emanuel, Frederico Guimarães and Wendell.

This year the team suffered a terrible loss: Raphael Higino died in a car accident. Even today, it hurts to remember.

Most translators don’t have an account in GNOME’s repository, and all this activity causes the revision to be the rate-limiting step in GNOME’s Brazilian Portuguese translation process. Fortunately, we can count on some members, namely Og Maciel and Pedro de Medeiros, to help reviewing and fixing translations before they are committed. Recently we discussed some changes in the translation workflow, essentially requiring more seriousness in the translators’ work. It be very challenging to translated GNOME 2.22 without Raphael Higino, but we’ll do our best to keep the quality he was so proud of!

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