Blog updated

As promised some weeks ago, I did some updates here. I improved the Aqueous Lite theme to support translation and some optional plugins. English readers won’t notice much difference, unless they click in the link for the Portuguese language. I also updated WordPress and the Gengo plugin to solve some broken links, but unfortunately the “next page” and “previous page” links are not working yet. When the issue is fixed, I’ll make the new theme version available. [Update: it “only” took 2 years, but the new version is finally available.]

I also made some changes in the social networks part. The side bar is now simpler, the only chicklets being Technorati and the Brazilian counterpart BlogBlogs. I still own the individual articles buttons to let people add them to sites like and digg.

5 respostas em “Blog updated

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  4. Julen, I’m using WordPress 2.8 and Gengo is behaving fine. But I don’t use tags in this blog, so I don’t know how good is Gengo’s support for tags. Unfortunatedly, Gengo has nice functionality but looks like a dead road because it is hard to implement such features as a plugin.

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