Daylight saving time for Brazil, Egypt, Gaza, Iran and Venezuela

If you use GNU/Linux, BSD (Mac OS X included) or another UNIX-like OS, keep an eye on updates from the time zone and daylight saving time database. Also called zoneinfo or tz, this database is responsible for telling a computer when to adjust the clock for daylight saving time (DST) (Wikipedia article). The database was last released this August 20, but recently got a recent update on daylight saving times for Brazil, Egypt, Gaza, Iran and Venezuela. In Brazil we are about to start a new DST, so whe need to update to the next timezone-data version as soon as it’s released! Contrary to most countries, in Brazil DST starts and ends in different days every year; we can’t possibly know when will DST start next year, simply because it wasn’t decided yet! Computers hate it. If you use Windows, Palm OS etc., chances are you’ll have to adjust the clock twice as frequently: when the DST starts/ends, and when the computer thinks it starts/ends. Free software can be diffent, but for that we need really updated DST information.

The Portuguese version of this article contains intructions on how to install the next version of timezone-data as soon as the distribution makes it available. If you’re reading this in English (thanks to Planet GNOME), chances are you already know how to do it. I just wanted you to know that, somewhere in the world, some people care about up-to-date daylight saving time information.

Update: timezone-data 2007h was released with the information I mentioned above. Thanks to the Gentoo developers, even my /etc/localtime was updated!

Update 2: The day has comed, and my computer’s clock is the only one which was automatically and correctly ajusted. I had to adjust even my cell phone’s clock!


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