Improved spell checking of gettext message catalogs for Vim

Dwayne Bailey released the day before yesterday the new version of the gettext message catalog syntax highlight for Vim. This new version restricts the spell checking to the translated messages, i. e., the new script stops Vim from marking the rest of the PO file as incorrect (original messages, msgid and msgstr etc.). Now it’s worth paying attention when Vim says the word is misspelled!

I’ve been working on this improvement for some time, but only recently I could learn how Vim’s syntax highlight works. I had a problem with accelerators in words: “_File”, for example, was checked as “ile”. I managed to fix that, but still couldn’t get Vim to ignore accelerators in the middle of the word. (If you know how, tell me!)

I review GNOME translations with Vim, and should keep improving the syntax highlight with Dwayne Bailey suggestions: spell checking for translator comments, and no spell checking for the header. Stay tuned!

The current script version is available on Vim Online, but the maintainer will work on including it on Vim’s next version source code.

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