Brazilian Portuguese dictionary for Aspell and Vim

As a sequence of my february update (in Portuguese), I announce the new version of the Brazilian Portuguese dictionary for GNU Aspell 0.6 and Vim 7.

This update brings the improvements from‘s 2.2 Spell Checker (in Portuguese): umlaut requirement when appropriate, corrections in verb conjugation, even more word inclusions, and affix rules alterations. Raimundo Moura is already working on a new version, which should benefit from the hyphen to validate enclisis such as “conjugá-la-ia” (Portuguese for “I would conjugate it”). I’m waiting anxiously!

Vim 7.0 introduced spell checking into the application core, but had an obsolete (2004) Portuguese dictionary, generated automatically from an repository no longer updated. Since this April the dictionary is maintained by Bram Moolenaar (Vim maintainer), and I started testing it and making the communication part. The dictionary includes both Brazilian Portuguese, from, and European Portuguese, from Project Natura (in Portuguese).

If you use Vim 7.x and didn’t install the Portuguese dictionary yet, wait some days more. Soon Bram should make a minor update, including the “read me” file from and the latest version of the European Portuguese dictionary. If you try to activate the spell checker and the dictionary isn’t installed, Vim will volunteer to download it. This command is :set spell spelllang=pt_br. Please notice the region is written in lower case! For more information, see :help spell.

The Aspell 0.5 version should be released soon, too. This spell checker version demands a package containing all the regions of a language, so the dictionary will again include both the Brazilian and the European Portuguese. If you don’t have Aspell 0.6 and can’t wait for the 0.5 version of the dictionary, you could read my article on Viva o Linux about how to use the dictionary on GTK+/GNOME applications (in Portuguese).

As usual, the best is to install using your distribution’s package manager, but the tarballs can be downloaded from the Aspell server and the Vim server.

Thanks for Rafael, for (re)introducing me to the GNU/Linux world, and Tatiana for giving me a good reason to avoid dedicating myself too much to it!

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