Cheering on Mono

Mono logo… or something like that.

This february I read the news on FootNotes about a competition promoted by Linux Format Magazine with Novell: Make it with Mono. I was interested in todo.txt, a command line to do manager I read about in Lifehacker and, so I asked for a graphical interface for it.

May, when I had already forgotten about the contest, I received an email from Linux Format informing my idea was among the 30 most popular (!) and asking my address to deliver my promissed Mono shirt. Surprisingly, they did sent it to Brazil!

Currently I use a Hipster PDA for my to do list. I use Tasks since version 0.1 when I’m on my computer, and I love it. Does anyone want to present me with a Nokia N800?

(Translation note: in Portuguese, “to wear something’s shirt” means to adopt the idea, to work on it.)


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