GNOME 2.18.2, Foresight 1.3 and new translators

GNOME 2.18.2 was released May 28, and was already included on Foresight 1.3. This version brings the work of the new member of the Brazilian GNOME translation team: Vladimir Melo. In a month he translated Blam, Firestarter and F-Spot, and (with Og Maciel) Banshee. Ah! Before I forget, he also translated the Foresight 1.3 newsletter and created the page on frequent translation errors for the team.

Another translator I didn’t mention yet is Felipe Ferreira, who completed the translation of a User Guide chapter. João Emanuel Simonini, who was taking a break, is working on GNOME again since the last year, but didn’t participate on any GNOME 2.18 module; his most recent translation is ooo-build.

I’d like to highlight the current work of two translators who already contributed to GNOME 2.18. First, Og Maciel, who, besides translating, recruits and guides new translators and even helps reviewing translations before they are sent to re repository. Last but not least, Raul Pereira, who started contributing even more after the release, both updating translations and reviewing some of the already translated modules.

Thank you all!

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