“Top 10” in the command line

Answering Walter Cruz’s list of most used commands
(in Portuguese):

50 ls
49 sudo
37 svn
37 cd
27 gvim
25 mv
22 less
19 intltool-update
19 elinks
13 meld

One can notice I use the command line mainly to review and commit translation: I syncronize my local files with GNOME’s (and others’) repository with svn, unpack someone else’s translation into the correct directory, synchronize the message catalog with the source code through intltool-update, check the translation with gvim and, occasionally, with meld, and then commit back with svn.

To be honest, I also used meld to adapt two WordPress themes into another I was considering to adopt here. And elinks, besides serving to test my blog accessibility, is saving me (together with Firefox) while I can’t use Epiphany.

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