outside United States logoI’d like to know how (and if) are people outside the USA using

Fernando Boaglio said that integration with is one of the essencial Firefox extensions. I guess so, and I’m anxious to try Epilicious, an Epiphany extension to synchronize local bookmarks with I didn’t activate Epilicious yet because I don’t know: should I use tags in my own language (Portuguese) or in English?

Boaglio, for instance, seems to adopt a mixed system, with some tags in Portuguese and others in English. And you, how do you categorize your bookmarks in Or do you use another portal?

Update: Mozilla Firefox 3 will organize the bookmarks with tags, like Epiphany and, as part of an integration between bookmarks and history. Brave people can check the feature in the latest alpha version.

Update 2: according to the roadmap for GNOME 2.22, Epiphany will also integrate bookmarks with history, in version 2.22 or later.

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