Gmail as the preferential e-mail application

I published on Viva o Linux a tip on how to set the system to make Gmail show up when you click on a link to an e-mail address. It should work with every web browser with JavaScript (Firefox, Epiphany, Konqueror, Opera, IE, Safari etc.), desktop environment (GNOME, KDE etc.) and operational system (Linux, BSD, MacOS X, Windows etc.). Unfortunately, the tip was written in Portuguese, so I’ll translate it for you here.

The first alternative is to install this GreaseMonkey script. The article highligths the strengths and inconveniences of this approach.

If your browser doesn’t support GreaseMonkey, you can set this command line as your default e-mail application:

epiphany –new-tab

Of course, you’ll have to adapt the command line to your actual browser. Try without the “view=cm&” part, too. The problem with this approach is that it includes the protocol (“mailto:”) in the “To:” header, and you’ll have to delete it from the address before sending the e-mail. This alternative still needs JavaScript.

Note: Epiphany has a GreaseMonkey extension, too.

Updated: This script does a much better job. Thanks to Jose Vitor for the tip!


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