Meet Scribes

Scribes logoScribes is another text editor for GNOME. Instead of trying to fill any specific gap in Gedit, which could be done by plugin, this text editor aims to rethink some standards.

I met Scribes in September 2005, through GnomeFiles. I didn’t fell comfortable with gVim, and wanted a text editor for GNOME more advanced than Gedit. I was impressed by the roadmap published at the time, and decided to help as I could: translating. Scribes was my first contribution to the Brazilian GNOME localization team.

Scribes has no menu bar, only a tool bar showing only icons. Some people don’t like, but I prefer that way. Another GUI feature are the search (and replace) and “go to” dialogs, with are displayed next to the status bar, like browsers do. I still don’t know why didn’t Gedit implement this yet.

Even though, I never felt in love for Scribes, and when development choked on version 0.2.4 I stopped translating it. Meanwhile, Gedit got a new plugin interface, for C and Python, and now has plenty of plugins. There’s even a po-mode plugin, in early development. Later I decided to try gVim again, and started using it to edit message catalogs.

Now Scribes development is showing up again, and we’re already on version 0.3.2. I thought it was time to show some service, so I finally got some time and updated the translation. From version, Scribes’ graphical interface is completely translated to Brazilian Portuguese.

Scribes has a quite interesting feature list, but unfortunately the plugins and “snippets” are incompatible with Gedit and vice-versa. I’d like some plugin to help on editing message catalogs: browsing through the messages, mark as fuzzy etc. Maybe after version 0.4?

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