New look

I’m sorry for all the problems the site went through the last days. The blog is working well again, as you might have noticed. Now I’d like to change the look, and I need your opinion.

I like very much the current theme, Aqueous Lite, but I believe it’s confusing people. One person asked me to permit comments, when they where actually supported. Maybe the problem is the link location, at the right top of each article. Other two people already demonstrated not being able to use the site correctly. And you, did you a already knew how to leave a comment?

Maybe part of the problem are the full articles in the main blog page. If you thought you couldn’t click on a title to view the article in its own page with right to comments, warn me. If you thought the main page with full articles, without a field for comments, implied you couldn’t leave comments at all, I’d like to know too.

If you think these worries are foolish, and even your aunt was able to use the site with ease, I’m interested in hearing that too! (Ah, and thanks for advertising my site to your family.)

Aqueous Lite has another issue, it’s not translatable. I’d like to make it so, but I don’t know how to do it and have better stuff to do with my time. Does anyone volunteer?

Update: I improved the theme to support translation and some optional plugins.


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