GNOME 2.18: thank you!

Continuing my announcement on GNOME 2.18, I’d like to thank everyone who gave us a graphical interface completely translated to Brazilian Portuguese.

By this time everyone knows about the collaboration between the Brazilian GNOME and Ubuntu translation teams, which is largely due to Og Maciel, then leader of the Brazilian Ubuntu translation team. Og also translated and reviewed many modules, becoming one of the most active members of the Brazilian GNOME translation team.

Still on Ubuntu, Washington Lins translated nothing less than Evolution, which is so big and hard that no one touched it the last time. Not content, he also translated other Evolution-related modules, and two others. When there were almost no tasks left, he started working on the “extra” modules, which don’t follow the six-monthly development cycle. GNOME 2.18 is out, but he keeps on improving the translation!

Jonh Wendell (Brazilian, despite the name) warranted his place at the Elysium translating part of Orca, which besides being huge was virtually untranslated at all, and had also been neglected on GNOME 2.16. He also helped translating and developing Vino, and is now working on tsclient, which got a witty nick name: vinagre. He also contributed to the User Guide translation.

Fábio “Ubuntuser” Nogueira was one of the first Ubuntu translators to put in practice the agreement with the GNOME team, and between other achievements he was one of the Orca translators (Og, Jonh and me being the others). Luis Fernando da S. Armesto also translated many modules, including some previously little translated ones. GNOME 2.18 also received the contribution from other Ubuntu translators: André Noel (current coordinator), Lucas Veloso, Rafael Sfair and Raul Pereira.

Naturally, not only from Ubuntu lives GNOME. Igor Pires Soares, from the Brazilian Fedora Project, contributed translating Glade 3, as well as Vino, Gthumb and Beagle. No one updated and reviewed the own translations so consistently as him.

Irapuan Pascoal de Menezes Jr. is translating the documentation of one program after another, and Amadeu A. Barbosa Jr. started with the Eye of GNOME manual to latter translate some user interfaces.

Vinicius Pinheiro
maintains the Tomboy translation, besides contributing to the User Guide translation and now with the Brazilian GNOME community portal. He is with us for almost an year now, and I’m sure he will still do much more!

Now coming to the “old ones”, we have got Raphael Higino, who updated, reviewed and committed a lot of translations even with hardware and internet concection problems. Evandro F. Giovanini has a impressive history of contributions and still finds time to translate a little; and Pedro de Medeiros is always around. Guilherme de S. Pastore and Lucas Rocha accumulate many functions in GNOME, and also had little direct participation on the translation; on the other hand, GNOME Brazil will soon cease being only a group of translators — just wait!

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